Kansas City's Erotic Glamour and Entertainer Photographer !
Q - What should you do to prepare for your photo shoot.

A - Please wear something light and not constrictive. If possible avoid undergarments as this will leave deep and often red marks. Cut off all tags from clothing, especially anything that is sheer, remember bras as well. If you dye your hair, or tan do this a few days before your shoot.
Q - Do you shoot plus size people as well?

A - Yes, I can see the beauty in everyone, and do my best to make it show in your photos.
Q - I'm very camera shy and usually hate myself in photographs. But really need some pics done. How can you help?

A - My experience is mostly working with amateurs and beginners, and I will help you with confidence, poses, and guide you through out your shoot.
Q - How much do you re-touch the images, what can I expect?

A - Totally up to you! Some people ask for minimal touch ups, tattoos removal or acne, and some want a total body reconstruction, lifting up or enlarging breasts, creating a waist line, etc.. I'm happy to suit your needs.
Q - Can I view the images during the shoot?

A - Yes, I' am happy to show them to you on the back of the camera screen while we shoot.
Q - How soon after the shoot should I expect to receive my images?

A - For re-touching it normally takes 2 to 7 days from the time you select the images to re-touch.
Frequently Asked Questions